The outreach and education project of the Herring School aims to disseminate the compelling story of herring to a broad audience. The core team consists of Mark Wunsch (Greencoast Media) who is responsible for the web site’s conception and layout, Dana Lepofsky (Simon Fraser University) who provided content, and Alisha Gavreau (Simon Fraser University) who provided editorial assistance. In addition, many members of the Herring School have added valuable content to and advise on the web site.

In the Herring School, we are reaching out to the public through different venues:

  1. This website is at the central focus of our educational goal to bring the social, cultural, ecological and scientific aspects of the “herring story” to life.  The website is rich in media content highlighting these multiple dimensions of herring.  We update content and news about herring as they become available.
  2. We are producing a half-hour documentary that will tell the story of Pacific herring.
  3. We are compiling a small traveling exhibition to highlight the cultural and ecological importance of herring. Grades 3 – 4 from the Bella Bella Community School on the Central Coast, under the leadership of Johanna Gordon-Walker, have already contributed a mobile with colorful herring images, drawings, and stories.  The exhibit will also include a variety of visual aids such as archival and modern photographs, a herring rake, and herring itself.
  4. Through public presentations and talks, we convey the herring story to schools and other public audiences and motivate teachers and children to think and work about herring.
  5. In addition to publishing our work in academic journals, we work with mainstream media to ensure that the results of our herring research reach the general public.


Thursday, January 23, 2014